Jeep Tire Type MT, AT, and HT

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Literally, the code is an abbreviation of the usefulness of each tire.
For H / T shows Highway Terrain, is A / T means All Terrain, M / T is a Mud Terrain. We stayed adjust as needed, about more often through the street with what conditions?

Tires F / T or Mud Terrain, intended for cars that often play off road. Could be detected from its development are very rough and got in, more rugged than the A / T. Although looking dashing, tires like this is less comfortable and safe when used in asphalt. Because the plot is very rough, so it is very pronounced wheel vibration. The resulting noise was very loud. And when the rain or wet road tires being a bit slippery.

Tire A / T can be used for all terrain. On the asphalt, just to still be mild off road, dirt road with a hard profile, gravel and muddy and a bit muddy or grass field, still could. But not for use in mud in the heavy category.
Tire A / T surely has better performance than the tire type M / T when used in asphalt. Noise and vibration is smaller. Likewise with the braking ability and his ability to walk over a puddle of rain, certainly much better.

Tire H / T allotment for more SUV running on asphalt. Do not try to bring a car with tires H / T to the muddy arena. Because it would be half dead out of the traps SUV, especially if it is 2WD.

Now we just adjust to the needs ...


  1. Those tires must be fitted correctly so they can well, for more convenient use. It is important for the driver to know which sets of tires he will used on different terrains.

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